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4th music video "factory"

2017-10-04 Wed 00:04


here's the new movie. thank you for waiting!


antwarp 2nd floor "factory"


Music : antwarp 2nd floor
Director : THOR McLeod
Starring : ryuchi from antwarp
Martial arts instruction & co-starring : YUKA NAKABACHI
Original screenplay : a2f & MVP
Special Thanks : 如水会 高津道場, 東京錬武舘





devious mind

2017-04-07 Fri 00:49


3rd music video "devious mind"

directed by Thor McLeod



Everyone has a devious mind. Why are you covering yourself with a mask, or can you be cruel only while you are wearing a mask?


人は誰でもdevious mindを持っている。そんな自分をマスクで覆い隠しているのか、それともマスクを被っている間だけ残酷になれるのか、あなたはどっち?






2017-02-22 Wed 01:16


watch and share it



antwarp 2nd floor "fall"


directed by Thor McLeod





Remember, remember

2016-11-06 Sun 14:55


1st video of a2f


antwarp 2nd floor "Remember, remember"


directed by Thor McLeod





Commander MV

2016-04-27 Wed 22:24